Very Important Bears 

td>1988 Fall





Amelia Bearheart19801983$1100
Chef Bearnaise19801988$150
Scarlett O'Beara19801984$250
Douglas Bearbanks19801988$150
Anna Bearvlova 19811987$250
Zsa Zsa Gabear1981 Spring1986 Spring$175
William Shakesbear1981 Spring1988 Fall$250
Bear Mitzvah1981 Fall1988 Fall$150
Sarah Bearnheart 1982 Fall1987 Fall$300
Green Bearet1982 Fall1983 Fall$800
Bjorn Bearg1982 Fall1984 Fall$350
Queen Elizabear1983 Spring1987 Fall$250
Humphrey Beargart I1983 Spring1988 Fall$225
Ludwig Von Bearthoven 1983 Spring1984 Fall$275
Lauren Bearcall 1984 Spring1991 Fall$100
Kareem Abdul Jabear 1984 Spring1985 Fall$500
Elvis Bearsley 1984 Spring1985 Fall$300
Rhett Beartler 1984 Fall1990 Fall$125
Scarlett O'Beara 1984 Fall1992 Spring$125
Napoleon Bearnaparte1985 Spring1988 Spring$150
Bearie Antoinette1985 Spring1988 Fall$125
Bearilyn Monroe 1985 Spring1991 Fall$125
Clara Bearton1985 Fall1989 Spring$125
Dr. Kilbear1985 Fall1989 Spring$125
Carmen Bearanda1985 Fall$125
Libearace 1985 Fall1986 Spring$125
Bat Mitzbear1985 Fall1988 Spring$150
Hula Bear1985 Fall1988 Spring$150
Aloha Bear1985 Fall1988 Spring$150
Statue of Libearty 1986 Spring1988 Spring$125
Audrey Hepbearn1986 Spring1988 Spring$150
Bearatrooper1986 Fall1990 Fall$125
Blackbeard 1986 Fall1990 Spring$125
Albeart Einstein1987 Spring1995 Spring$100
Bearb Ruth1987 Spring1995 Fall$90
Charles Linbeargh 1987 Fall1995 Spring$90
Rembearandt 1987 Fall1990 Spring$150
James Beard 1988 Spring1989 Fall$125
Bearly Temple 1988 Spring1991 Spring$125
Ebearneezer Scrooge 1988 Fall1988 Fall*$350
Elizabear Taylor 1988 Fall1992 Spring$90
Richard Bearton 1988 Fall1992 Spring$90
Katherine Hepbearn 1989 Spring1991 Spring$100
Humphrey Beargart II 1989 Spring1991 Spring$100
Bear Noel 1989 Fall1989 Fall**$150
Rocky Bearboa 1989 Fall1991 Fall$100
Bearlock Holmes1989 Fall1994 Fall$100
Red Octobear 1990 Spring1993 Fall$100
Marlon Bearando 1990 Spring1993 Fall$100
Night Bearfore Christmas1990 Fall1990 Fall**$125
Madame Bearterfly1990 Fall1992 Fall$100
Last Empbearor 1990 Fall1992 Fall$100
Abearham Lincoln 1991 Spring1993 Spring$100
Beartsy Ross 1991 Spring1993 Spring$100
Bearlie Chaplin 1991 Spring1995 Spring$80
Beartte Davis 1991 Fall1994 Fall$95
Joan Pawford1991 Fall1994 Spring$100
Bear Trek 1991 Fall1994 Fall$100
Snow Queen 1991 Fall1991 Fall**$125
Cyrano De Beargerac 1992 Val/Easter1996 Spring$95
Beary Poppins1992 Spring1995 Spring$95
Rebear Without A Cause 1992 Spring1995 Fall$95
Mrs Claws1992 Fall1992 Fall**$110
Anna Bearenina 1992 Fall1995 Fall$80
Bearonsky 1992 Fall1995 Fall$80
Alice Krambear 1993 Spring1995 Spring$70
Ralph Krambear 1993 Spring1995 Spring$78
Ted Norton 1993 Spring1995 Spring$74
Judy Bearland 1993 Fall1996 Spring$76
Bearb Cratchit 1993 Fall1993 Fall**$110
Elizabear Taylor(Bride) 1994 Val/Easter1996 Spring$78
Spencebear Tracy(Father)1994 Val/Easter1996 Spring$74
Jacques Bearsteau 1994 Spring1995 Fall$78
Sonja Honey 1994 Fall1994 Fall***$110
Archangel Gabearielle 1995 Fall1995 Fall*$150
Marilyn - Diamonds1996 Spring1996 Spring****$90

* Limited and Numbered Edition - 5,000 pieces
** Limited and Numbered Edition - 8,000 pieces
*** Limited and Numbered Edition - 4,000 pieces
**** Limited and Numbered Edition - 4,000 pieces

Effective Spring 1995, all new introductions will be limited and numbered.

Specialty Bears with limited distribution:
1981 Fall - Mimi and Rudolpho - for the Metropolitan Opera
1989 Fall - Alice in Wonderland - Disney World's 2nd Annual Teddy Bear Convention - 100 pieces
1990 Fall - Snowbear and the Seven Cubs - Disney World's 3rd Annual Teddy Bear Convention - 300 pieces
1991 Fall - Cinbearella - Disney World's 4th Annual Teddy Bear Convention - 750 pieces
1992 Fall - Beauty and the Beast - Disney World's 5th Annual Teddy Bear Convention - 400 sets
1993 Fall - Bearladdin - Disney World's 6th Annual Teddy Bear Convention - 400 pieces
1994 Fall - Cruella Bearvil - Disney World's 7th Annual Teddy Bear Convention - 400 pieces

Coming this fall, just in time for the holidays, is a Very Important Bear named Santa's HelpBear, a limited edition of 5,000 pieces, numbered on a satin ribbon sewn across his paw. He's 20" tall, and comes dressed in festive red and green prints complete with a roomily-pocketed candy cane striped apron with removable felt scissors, saw, needle and spool of green thread for making toys. Available for $104.

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